Schemes/Programmes of District Social Welfare Office, Bishnupur

The District Social Welfare Office, Bishnupur is implementing various schemes/programme for Older Persons, Disability Welfare Programme.

Programme for Older Persons

  1. MOAPS:A pension benefit of Rs. 200/- per month is extended to the destitute aged persons of poor families who attains the age group of 55 and above in case of female and 60 years and above for male.
  2. IGNOAPS:The eligible age under the scheme 60 years with destitute the pension is Rs 200/- per month for person between 60 and 80 years. For persons who is 80 years and above the person is Rs. 500/- per month.
  3. IGNWPS:The eligible age group under the scheme with destitute women is 40 years and the pension is Rs. 300/- per months.  After attaining the age of 80 years, the beneficiaries will get Rs. 500/- per month.
  4. IGNDPS:The eligible for the pensioner is 18 years and amount is Rs. 300/- per months. After attaining the age of 80 years, the beneficiary will get Rs. 500/- per month.
  5. Annapurna Scheme:10 Kg. of food grain is given per month. The schemes aims at providing food security to meet the requirement of those eligible old aged persons who have remained uncovered under IGNOAPS.
  6. NFBS:20,000/- will be given as one time assistance to the bereaved household in the event of death of the bread winner. The bread winner should have more than 18 years of age and less than 60 years.

Disability Welfare Programme

Scholarship to Disabled Students

  1. Nursery to V – Rs. 200/- p.m
  2. VI to XII – Rs. 300/- p.m.
  3. Any Graduate/Dip. In any discipline – Rs. 400 p.m.
  4.  P.G./BE/MBBS/LLB/Ph.D – Rs.600/- p.m.

Financial Assistance to disabled

He/She shall be a Manipuri by brth or, Settled in the State at least 10 years. Who possess Disability certificate.

Un-employment allowance

He/She shall be a Manipuri by birth or, Settled in the state at least 10 years who posses Disability certificate within the age group of 18 to 45 years.

Grant-in-aid to the NGOs

It may apply by any registered NGOs formed by the persons with disabilities only or parents of M.I., Autism, C.P. and M.D.