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District Police
Profile Picture Name Designation Email Phone Fax Address
No Image N Herojit Meetei Superintendent of Police Office of the Superintendent of Police, Bishnupur Pin No. - 795126 District Bishnupur
No Image Laxmi Salam, Women Sub-Inspector OC/Bishnupur Women PS o/o Bishnupur Women PS, Bishnupur Pin No. - 795126
No Image Abdul Salam, Inspector OC/ Phougakchao Ikhai P/S o/o Police Station Phougakchao, Moirang, Pin No- 795133, District Bishnupur
No Image L. Meghabarna Singh, Inspector OC Loktak P/S o/o Police Station Loktak, Pin No-795124, District Bishnupur
No Image R.K. Anilkumar Singh, Inspector OC Moirang P/S o/o Police Station Moirang, Moirang Pin No.- 795133, District Bishnupur
No Image Md. Raju Khan, Inspector OC/Bishnupur P/S o/o Police Station Bishnupur, Pin No, - 795126 District Bishnupur
No Image K. Chandrasekhar Singh, Inspector OC/Nambol P/S o/o Police Station Nambol, Nambol Pin No. - 795134 District Bishnupur
No Image Kilong S. Brandar, Inspector OC/Kumbi P/S o/o Police Station Kumbi, Kumbi Pin No. - 796133 District Bishnupur
No Image W. Ibocha Singh, Inspector OC/Keibul Lamjao P/S o/o Police Station Keibul Lamjao, Pin No.-795010 District Bishnupur