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         The District Veterinary office with a Joint Director (Veterinary) as its Head of Office has the
         following Veterinary Institutions.
1.   District level Veterinary Hospital 1 no.
2. Veterinary Hospitals  4 nos.
3. Veterinary Dispensary Cum A.I. Centres  13 nos.
4. I.C.D.O Sub-Centre  13 nos.
5. Regional main A.I. Centre  1 no.
6. Veterinary Aid Centre  1 no.
7. District Piggery Farm  1 no.
8. Rural Dairy Centre  1 no.

                           The Total Staff Strength in the district are as follows:-
1.   Joint Director (Vety)  1no.
2.  Deputy Director (Specialist) 1 no.
3. Veterinary Officers  6 nos.
4. Veterinary Officer (ad-hoc)  2 nos.
5. Veterinary officer (Contract)  4 nos.
6. S.D.O (Extn.) Veterinary 1 no.
7. A.E.O (S)  3 nos.
8. S.K  1 no.
9.  V.F.A (s)  41 nos.
10. Vety. Attdt. (Grade IV)  83 nos.
11. Driver  1 no.
12. Head Clerk 1 no.
13. L.D.C (s)  6 nos.
Achievements :-
Animal Health Coverage :-

The department is rendering the essential Veterinary services such as diagnosis of diseases/treatment and vaccination of livestock and birds for protection from dreadful diseases. In the year 2000-01 vaccination of 12,320 animals against B.Q./H.S., F.M.D., Swine Fever, ARV etc. and treatment of 7673 animals were achieved besides maintenance of above listed Veterinary institutions in the district.
In addition to the normal vaccination programmes a special immunisation programme of livestock in the surrounding villages of Keibul Lamjao National Park as also conducted by this department in collaboration with Forest Department. 15 villages were covered in such programme during 2000-01

Cattle & Buffaloe Development :-

Under this scheme in the year 2000-01, insemination of 314 cows and out of which 234 improved calves born and castration of 147 scrub bulls were achieved besides maintenance of 13 A.I. sub-centres. Insemination were done with Frozen semen of Jersey and Holstrin Frizians.

District Piggery Farm, Tarungpokpi :

Major repairing and renovation works of piggery sheds were taken up under Centrally Sponsored Scheme by MANIDCO, Manipur with an amount of Rs.6.5 lakhs including the cost of construction of a training hall for farmers at Tarungpokpi, Moirang. In the year 2000-01 no pig was maintained in the farm due to the repairing works. Process for procurement of 40 piglets (Landrance) from abroad is on. The farm will start functioning on the arrival of these piglets. During 1999-2000, a sum of Rs.12.4 thousands was achieved as revenue.

Village search programme under NPRE :

A total 118 villages and 18 stock routes were searched by 11 R.P. surveillance unit under NPRE during the year 2000-01. 20 Veterinary institutions were also visited by Joint Director, Bishnupur under Day book inspection programme to find out cases of diarrhoea and mucosal lesions which may be suspected of R.P. There was no any report of suspected cases of the disease.

Animal Disease Surveillance and Information System :-

Veterinary Officers of District Veterinary Hospital, Bishnupur and Moirang are designated as Block Veterinary Officers in addition to their normal duties for Animal Disease Surveillance in Bishnupur District. Reports of any outbreak or incidence of the diseases covered by the system were being submitted.

Loan Recovery:-

The Recovery of term loan extended to the beneficiaries in respect of different Self-Employment Oriented Schemes viz Dairy. Piggery, poultry etc. were speeded up. A total amount of Rs. 47,998/- only were collected during year 2000-2001.
Sample Survey
Integrated Sample survey for estimation in respect of major livestock and its products were conducted by two surveyors throughout the year and reports were submitted on quarterly basis. All major markets of Bishnupur district were covered by the survey during year 2000-2001.

Number of Veterinary Hospitals & Dispensaries in Bishnupur District.

Sl. No. Item Unit   1994-95 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98
1. District level Veterinary Hospitals  No.  1 1 1 1
2. Veterinary Hospitals  No 4 4 4 4
3. Dispensaries/P.H.S.C No 11 11 11 11
4. Aid Centres  No. 1 1 1 1
5. Regional Main A.I. Centres No 1 1 1 1
6. A.I. Sub-Centre  No. 14 14 14 14
7. Rural Dairy Farm  No 1 1 1 1
8. Pig Breeding Farm  No.  1 1 1 1
9.  Piggery Farm  No. 1 1 1 1