The land of the Dancing Deer



The Bishnupur with its headquarter at Bishnupur (27 Km. from Imphal) was opened on 25-05-1983. Stretching between 93.43 E and 93.53 E Longitudes and 24.18 N and 24.44 N Latitudes the total geographical area of the District is 530 Sq. Km. It is bounded on the North by Imphal West District, on the South by Churachandpur  District, on the East  by Imphal and Thoubal Districts. According to 1991 Census the total population of the district is 1,80,773 (91,125 males and 89,648 females)  having a density  of 341 per Sq. Km. and literacy of 45 % (56% for males and 34% females). There are 64 Revenue villages in the District. For a better and convenient administration the District is divided into three Sub-Divisions , viz (1) Bishnupur Sub-Division with its  HQ at Bishnupur and (2) Moirang Sub-Division (opened on 12-12-83) with its HQ at Moirang and (3) Nambol Sub-Division with its HQ at Nambol. There are 6 (six) SDC Circles in the district. Nambol, Oinam and Bishnupur circles are situated within Bishnupur Sub-Division. Ningthoukhong, Moirang ang Kumbi circles are situated within Moirang Sub-Division. The population of Bishnupur and Moirang Sub -Divisions as per 1991 census is 91,781 and 88,991 respectively.Of the demographic pattern , the Manipuries Meiteis  constitute the largest population followed by the tribals  and Meitei Pangal ( Manipuri Muslims) . Splinter number of Biharis and  Marwaris are temporarily settled in the district mainly for the busuiness professions. As for the convenience of developmental activities of the rural areas  there are two C.D Blocks, namely (1) Bishnupur C.D. Block with its HQ at Bishnupur and (2) Moirang C.D Block with its HQ at Moirang Khunou. The Sub-Divisions are under the charge of one SDO each and the C.D Blocks are under the charge of one BDO each while the circles are under the charge of one SDC each.

There are 6 (Six) Assembly Constituencies, viz 24-Nambol A.C , 25- Oinam A.C, 26-Bishnupur A.C, 27- Moirang A.C, 28-Thanga A.C, and 29-Kumbi A.C . The number of Gram Panchayat is 24 (12  G.P each in one block). As for the Local Self Governmrnt, there are 4 (four) Municipalities namely  (1) Nambol, (2) Bishnupur, (3) Ningthoukhong and (4) Moirang.

 1. Geographical Particulars

Location Altitude (Above MSL) 828.18 Metre
Total (1991 Census) 496.00 Sq. Km.
a)  Rural 458.98 Sq. Km
b)Urban 37.02 Sq. Km.

a)Total 1,80,773 
b)Male 91,125
c)Female 89,648
d)Rural 1,17,603
e) Urban

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Sex Ratio (Female per thousand males) 984 nos.
Density of Population per Sq. Km 364 nos.
Total Schedule Caste Population  2,333 nos.
% of S.C Population to total population 1.29 %
Total Scheduled Tribe population  9,575
% of S.T population to total population 5.30 %
Total no. of main workers  69,114
% of main workers to total population  38.23 %
Total no. of Marginal workers 11,078
% of Marginal workers to total population  6.13 %
Total Non-Workers  1,00,581
% of Non- workers to total population 55.64 %
No. of literates  82,063
No. of Female literates 30,538
No. of Male literates 51,525
Literacy Percentage  54.94 %
Male Literacy Percentage 68.59 %
Female Literacy Percentage 41.13 %
Municipalities  3 nos.
Small Town/NAC  4 nos.
Village inhabited  45 nos.
Occupied Residential houses  27,299 nos.
Households 29,726
Persons per occupied residential houses  7
Sub-Divisions  3 nos.
Community Development Blocks  2
Vidhan Sabha Seats  6
Gram Sabha Seats (Gram Panchayats)  24
Gram Panchayats members  128
Nyaya Panchayats  6
MEDICAL & HEALTH (1997-98)
Hospitals (including PHCs, TB & Leprosy Hospital)  8
Beds available (Hospitals)  70
Dispensaries including Primary Health Centres  36
Doctors  48
Population per Doctors  6025.77
Population per bed  2582.47
Total patients treated
Indoor Patients 3257
Outdoor Patients 80,563
Primary Schools 
Teachers   961 
 Scholars 19,910
Junior High Schools
Teachers  718
Scholars 15,613
High Schools 
Teachers   813
Scholars 14,831
Higher Secondary Schools 
Teachers   145
Scholars 2,338
Arts & Science College 1
District Level Veterinary Centre  1
Veterinary Hospitals  1
Veterinary Dispensaries  11
Weekly Dispensaries  Nil
Aid Centre  1
Piggery Farm  1
Poultry Farm  NA
Total Animal Patients treated
Indoor 23
Outdoor 29,479
Old patients aided 29 
Total Patients 29,531
FORESTS (1997-98)
Reserved Forests  3.50 Sq. Km.
Protected Forests  0.10 Sq. Km.
Unclassed Forests -
Total Reserved Forests  3.60 Sq. Km.
Total Forest Revenues  Rs. 1,03,054.00
INDUSTRIES (1997-98)
Registered Factories  NA
Registered Small Scale Industries  18 nos.
Employment Exchange  1 No.
Persons Registered  2981
Applicants on the Live Register at the end of the year 34,141
Total length of Road  424.42 Km.
Total Vehicles on road  121
Police Stations  5
Police Outposts  2
Fire Sub-Stations  2
Strength of Police Force  249
Property Stolen  Rs. 5,35,785
Property recovered  Rs. 4,400 as on 31.7.98
Murder  6
Incidence of Crime  161
Area 17.72  000 Hect.
Production 40.93  000 Tonnes.
FISHERIES (1997-98)
Fish Farms  3320 nos
Production of Fish  4591.995 Tonnes
Revenue Collected  3.63 lakhs
Rice (super fine) imported Kg.  Rs. 9.79
Arhal Dal (Kanpur)  Kg.  Rs. 34.33
Fish (Catla fresh)  Kg. Rs. 43.75
Meat (Beef)  Kg. Rs. 50.00
Dry Chilli (local)  Kg. Rs. 68.75
Potato (imported)  Kg. Rs. 9.25
Pea Dal (Kanpur)  Kg.  Rs. 17.75
Bason  Kg.  Rs. 20.00
Mustard Oil  Kg.  Rs. 51.58