The land of the Dancing Deer



The Moirang C.D. Block come into existence on 04-04-1985 with its Head Quarter at Moirang Khunou about 1.5 Km. from the Kumbi Main Road. it was bifurcated from the erstwhile Bishnupur C.D. Block. It has an area of 269 Sq. Km. with a population of 62, 187 (BPL Survey) inhabiting in 67 villages. The inhabitants are Meitei/Meetei, Muslim, Tribal, Bengali etc. These inhabitants mostly lived on Agriculture and fishing. The Loktak the biggest fresh water lake in the North East Region and Keibul Lamjao International park are situated in this Block and the people of Thanga, Karang and those villages in and around the Loktak lake lived on fishing. There are 12 Gram Panchayats in this Block.
The name and population of the Gram panchayats are as follows :-
Sl. No.

Name of G.Ps

BPL Survey Population.
1. Ngakhalawai   4085
2. Tronglaobi 3297    
3. Torbung  3258
4. Kwakta 5604
5. Saiton  4105
6. Moirangkhunou 5818
7. Thanga  I 7144
8. Thanga II  6292
9. Kha-Thingngei  5851
10.  Wangoo  6724
11. Wangoo Terakhong 4317


Borayangbi  5706
               Total:- 62,187


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