The land of the Dancing Deer


Loktak Lake

LOKTAK LAKE AND SENDRA ISLAND : Loktak Lake is a largest fresh water lake in the North-Eastern region located 48km from Imphal. Loktak Lake is a huge and beautiful stretch of water spread upto 312 sq. km area and looks like a miniature island sea.  From the Tourist Bungalow set atop Sendra Island, visitors get a birds eye view of life on the Lake-small islands that are actually floating weed on which live the Lake people , the shimmering blue waters of the Lake, labyrinthine boat routes and colourful water plants. The Sendra Tourist Home with an attached Cafeteria in the middle of the lake is an ideal tourist spot, Boating and other water sports are being introduced here. Fishermen and their families who live near the shores of lake in neat huts also build their houses on island of floating weed that dirt around the lake.A myriad hues grace the lake from the warm golden glow of dawn to the peach, pinksand greys of the day and the absolute silver of high noon. The lake has floating islands on which people have set up habitats. They ply their little skiffs to catch fish and collect the tri - corn - shaped singhara fruit of lotus.

PHUBALA : Phubala resort is a virgin land 40 km south of Imphal. The marshy islands of Loktak actually float. Besides the human inhabitants of the lake, there are other life forms here too. Living along the reedy marshes and swamps bordering the lake is the kingdom of Manipur's endangered Brow Antlered Deer or Tkamin. They live in small herds, lying up in cover during the day and feeding in the mornings and evenings. There are very few of them left here, because their delicately balanced eco - system has been endangered by progress. Captive colonies of them, however, have been relocated in safer areas and they are thriving awaiting their return to beautiful Loktak. How To Get There Nearest airport is Imphal 48 km. Tourist taxis and buses from Imphal. Accommodation Accommodation is available in the tourist bungalow run by the state tourism department.


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