The land of the Dancing Deer




45 kms. from Imphal, the town is one of the main centres of early Meitei folk culture with the ancient temple of the pre-Hindu deity Lord Thangjing, situated here.    pre-hindu  Every year a ritual dance festival " Lai Haraoba" held here in the month of May, when men and women, dressed in colourful traditional costumes sing and dance in honour of the Lord at the Moirang.
The town also has a special place in the history of thr Indian Freedom Struggle. It was at Moirang that the flag of the Indian National Army was first unfurled on April 14,1944. The INA Museum containing letters, photograghs, badges of ranks and other memorabilia reminds the visitor of the noble sacrifices made by the INA under the charismatic leadership of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.