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The District Fishery Office, Bishnupur is headed by 1 (one) District Fishery Officer. It has 3 (three) branch offices namely (1) District Level Fish Farm, Ningthoukhong (2) Experimental Fish Farm, Takmu and (3) Regional Pangba Seed Farm, Haotak. The District Fishery Officer is assisted by 3 (three) Fishery Offices working one each in its 3 (three) branches. The activities of the 3 (three) branches are :-

1. District Level Fish Farm, Ningthoukhong :- The farm is situated on the Eastern side of Ningthoukhong Bazar at a distance of about 1 Km. . The farm is 4 (four) hectare. It has 1 (one) socking pond of 66m X 2.5m., 4 rearing pond of 40 m X 15m X 2m. and 5 (five) Nursery ponds of 20m X 10m X 1.5m and 3 (three) cemented ponds of 20m X 10m x 1.5m. The main activities of the farm is to produce fish seeds of Common Carp, Indian Major carps Rohu, Mirgal, Catla and Exotic Carps Grass Carp and Silver Carp. The fish seeds are sold in the general public of the district at government rate.

2. Experimental Fish Farm, Takmu :- Takmu farm was established in the year 1973. The farm covers an area of 500 hectare (Approx.) of which Hubidak portion comprise an area of 100 hectare (Approx.) and Takmu proper comprise an area of 400 hectare (Approx.). Takmu Experimental Fish Farm is located at a distance of 2 Kms. towards North-East of Moirang Bazar in Bishnupur District. The farm is bordered by Sendra, Ithing, Komgin, Tongbram and Khoirom hillocks on the North, Thanga Keibul road on the east, Keibul village and hillocks Khongjaingamba, Namba Ching and Kobat area on the southern and Sendra Road on the west.
The average depth of the farm during monsoon is 5 (five) metre (approx.) and during dry season is 3 (three) metre (approx.). Fish seed is liberated into the farm every year to replenish the fish stock of the farm "OFF SEASON" is declared for 3 (three) months every year (June to August).

3. Regional Pengba Seed Farm, Haotak :- The farm is situated on the western side of Kumbi Bazar at about 2 (two) Km. distance. The farm was established by the N.E.C. It comprises an area of 44 hectare . It has 10 (ten) utilizable fish ponds. The farm aims at producing Pengba seeds. Bur due to lack of funds renovation and remodeling of ponds could not be done since the last 2/3 years.
The District Fishery Office, Bishnupur is also taking up Extension Programme by sending technical reports to the farmers for spreading technical knowledge on modern fish culture. Further, survey of fish farms on Inland fisheries statistics is also being taken up.

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