The land of the Dancing Deer



(See Rule – 5)
Part – Identity of applicant

1. Name :- 
2. Father’s/ Husband’s Name :-
3. Place of Birth (Native) :-
4. Date of Birth in Christian era both in words and figures :-
5. Present Address :-
    a. Nearest Police Station :-
6. Permanent Address :-
    a. Nearest Police Station :-
7. Occupation and Designation of office, held if any (together with a address):-

                                                                                        Signature /Thumb impression.

8. (Note :- Nearest police Station means the police station under these jurisdiction the place given in the
    address comes).

   Part – B Other particular of applicant

9. Whether the applicant has been

   a. Convicted – if so, the offence (2) the sentence and date of sentence.
   b. Ordered to execute a bond under Chapter viii or code of criminal procedure, 1973 (2) of 1974 for
       keeping the peace for good behaviour – if so, and for what period.
   c. Prohibited under the Arms Act, 1959, or any other law from having the arm ammunition.

10. (a) Whether the applicant 

11. Whether the applicant :-
      (a) is a licence or , if so, description of the arms held .
      (b) is bonafide tourist, if so,
         i. Name of the country, to which he belongs:
        ii. Whether he is prohibited by the law of his country from having in his possession any arms and   
       iii. The probable date of his arrival in India.

Note :- A Bonafide tourist is permitted to bring into Indian subject to the conditions specified in section 10 and in rule 320 arms and ammunition in reasonable quantities for his use for purpose only of sport and for no other purpose.


1. Need for Licence :
2. The form in which the licence is required :
3. Description of arms/ ammunition :
4. (a)  Area within which applicant wisher to 
    (b)  Place where arms/ammunitions will be kept/manufactured etc.
    (c)  Place /route of import /export transport.
5. Other particulars required as in the relevant licence form.
6. Any claims for special consideration.

Note : Against column 12 the applicant should clearly mention the purpose(s) for which the licence is required such as use, acquisition, possession, carrying, manufacture, sale, transfer, repair, convert, profftest, import, re-import, export, re-export transport self-protection , sport, display, cattle, protection of crops and cattle, target practice /shooting/ temporary possession as bona-fide traveler of visiting indicate.
Part – D applicant requiring licence for import/export/transport.

7. (a) Whether the previous sanction of the concerned , authority required under rule 50 if any, has been  
         obtained any, if so.
    (b) the evidence is support thereof.

Declaration :

         I  hereby declare that the above particulars given in the application are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that in the event or any information being found false or incorrect at any stage, I am liable to be proceeded against an action taken under the relevant provisions of the Arms Act, 1959, the Arms Rules, 1962 and other central enactments or the law for the time being in force.

                                                                                       Signature/Thumb impression of applicant
Date :

Note :- Strike off the entries not relevant.

Warning :- Suppression of and factual information or furnishing of any false or wrong information in the application form in violable of rule 51-A will render the applicant liable for punishment under section 30 of the Arms Act, 1959.

                                                                    FORM – I

1. Name of the applicant with a lies if any :-
2. His fathers’ name :-
3. Present age of the applicant :-
4. His permanent address :-
5. His long has the applicant been a resident at the present address :-
6. How long has the applicant been a resident at the present address:-
7. His educational qualification:-
8. His occupation :-
9. His estimated annual income from the said occupation :-
10. Details of property possessed by the applicant :-

MOVEABLE :- a) in personal custody :
                         b) Bank
                         c) Total
IMMOVEABLE :- 1) Land ……….. Village area valuation
                                                            (approx.) Rs.
                              2) Building ……… Village/town details valuation
                                                            (approx) Rs.
                             3) Other …………..Village Details
                                                        assets (approx) Rs.

    Grand total movable & immovable property Rs.

11. Annual turn over and taxes paid
12. Whether the applicant is generally :
     reported to be a person of good character and sound
    standing the specialty (give details of adverse report, if any).

13. Is he of a sound mind healthy physical: 
     dispositions (give details adverse report)
14. Does the applicant has a safe security place for 
      keeping the arms applied for if granted to him
      (give details of the security place). 
15. Number of arms licenses already granted to the relations of the applicant (give detail like name, relation
      to the applicant type and number of arms possessed and license No.
16. Number of arms license already granted to the village the applicant
      (give copy wise)
17. Number of arms license already possessed by the applicant (give details)
18. Population of the village as per latest census.